John's Reptile Awareness Displays

Educational Venomous Snake Shows & Displays

We conduct Venomous Snake Displays for Country Shows, Caravan, Camping & Adventure Shows, Expos, Schools, Corporate Events and similar events. Our Snake Shows are extremely popular, attracting large crowds of all ages, from the very young to the young at heart. Our Educational Venomous Snake Shows prove to be extremely educational to members of the general public, staff, students and visitors, due to high incidences of venomous snakes throughout New South Wales. We educate all about our reptiles, dispelling myths and offer valuable advice on dealing with venomous snakes, providing an entertaining and informative, educational session.

During your event we are able to conduct regular Educational Snake Shows throughout each day of the event. Each session we display the most commonly encountered, medically significant species, endemic to the area, with an educational talk about each of the species, including snake behaviour and how people should behave around snakes, as well as an emphasis on first aid for snake bite. We love talking reptiles and provide a question and answer session at the end of each display.

Schools and Education Centres

Our Venomous Snake Shows for schools and educational centres, includes an entertaining and informative, educational reptile session, safety and first aid for snake bite demonstration, and allows for a question and answer session. School students, staff and visitors are thrilled and delighted to learn from us about snakes in a fun-filled and informative atmosphere, learning fun facts such as, why are snakes found around schools, how to behave and what to do if confronted by a snake, first aid for snake bite and what to do to reduce numbers of snakes coming onto school grounds.

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