Snake catching

reptile relocation

We are Fully Licensed and Insured Professional Snake Catchers servicing the Central Coast & surrounds NSW and the greater Sydney area for all reptile relocations.

Call us for all enquiries, on:

0416 922 282 (John)

0425 237 682 (Tina)

If you can provide us with a clear photograph of the reptile, send it through for free snake identification assistance. 

We offer free advice. 

Call out charges apply.

Central coast nsw

most commonly encountered snakes

There are approximately 19 species of snakes endemic to the Central Coast region of NSW. The classification of these species range from Non venomous (harmless) through to Mildly Venomous with some classified as Dangerously Venomous.

Identification is difficult as most of our snakes are brown in colour.