Dear John & Tina, As usual, I feel all your warm welcomes at anytime. No words to express thanks. What I most like is the professional knowledge & skills, which John has.

Kalana Maduwage - Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, Calvary Mater Hospital, Newcastle

Lecturer, Department of Biochemistry Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

As always AWESOME. Your training is top shelf, the professionalism on how the course is conducted and your knowledge is beyond words. Looking forward to working together in the future. Cheers.

Ian Mitchell - Department of Corrective Services, John Moroney Wildlife Care Centre

John & Tina, Second course I have completed with you guys. Exceeded my expectations again. This course I have always told people to complete. Much respect to yorselves and your training methods and program.

Greg Saunders - Department of Corrective Services,

John Moroney Wildlife Care Centre

Thank you very much for running a snake course, I learnt so much, as well as enjoyed the adrenalin. Theory was in good detail and hands on was a well taught motion. I would definitely recommend it to others that share the passion. Cheers.

Lana Wedgwood - SMWS

John & Tina, Thank you for an awesome course. I really enjoyed it and have learnt heaps from you both. Your training skills are awesome.

John Brophy - SMWS

John & Tina, Thank you for the great experience, we have learnt alot. Great Trainers, made you feel comfortable and relaxed! Lovely people.

Beth & Brendan Wilson

No holds barred! Get in and on to it! Highly recommended. Structure great. Mentors excellent. The hands on gives a great boost to understanding snakes. Thanks.

Alex Boyd - TAFE Student

This was such a fantastic, hands on course. I feel a lot more confident around snakes. The instructors were very helpful. Thanks so much!!

Brooke Towers - Wild Life Sydney Zoo

For my first time ever handling snakes, it was the most scariest feeling ever. Tina & John definitely made me grow as a person today and gave me an experience not every person can have. Great course, lifetime experience, awesome hosts. I totally recommend this to everyone who is afraid of snakes to people who adore them. Thanks guys, keep up the good work.

Taline Arzoumalian - Wild Life Sydney Zoo

It was my first experience with venomous snakes and I really enjoyed it. The environment and instruction was really great. Thanks a bunch!

Taylah Yalden - Wild Life Sydney Zoo

I have really enjoyed the course. Great practical components. Learnt alot of different scenarios, through practising catching the snakes and also learnt about the snake behaviour we may encounter. I feel alot more confident approaching snakes now (although alot of identification to learn!) It would be great to get a list of some common snakes we may encounter in New South Wales and the most useful techniques to apply to these specifically. Thanks!

Guy Feuton - SMWS

John & Tina, Thank you for the great experience, I have learnt alot in the snake course during my two days. I feel alot more confident in how to handle snakes. Once again thank you so much. God Bless you two, beautiful couple.

Ravi Singh - SMWS

This was the third time I've completed a snake handling course and it was easily the best I've done in regards to the experience of the trainer and the knowledge I have left with. Instead of just being shown techniques, you actually get "hands on" and do it yourself, "under supervision of course". I highly recommend John's courses to anyone wanting to gain knowledge & skills in handling and looking after these wonderful animals.

Rob Johnson

There waas no tropical trout for lunch which was a shame but John & Tina made up for that with great hospitality. The techniques John teaches are of the highest standard and he is a great person to ask any questions as his experience is priceless! All the best.

Leigh Cotter

Dear John & Tina. Thank you so much for such an amazing weekend. This has definitely been one of the more challenging & exciting courses I have done over the years. You were both very friendly, professional & knowledgable. I hope to work with you again in the future.

Rhiannon Kiggins

First of all I would just like to say it was a pleasure to meet John & Tina. It was a pleasure to do the venomous snake course and I had a great time. Thanks John & Tina.

Paul Douglass

The course gave me confidence and was very informative. Thanks for a great course.

Adam Kemp - Environmental Scientist

Thanks again guys, another awesome course!

Wesley Debbage

Aspiring zookeepers, technicians and animal enthusiasts - this is a must course for you and John is the teacher for it. John's experience and insight keeps you cool, calm and confident to handle a variety of incredible species with great care. I had the best weekend training and encourage everyone to sign up!

Laurie-Anne Keller

A very practical and informative course. A great way to spend the weekend for anyone looking to increase their knowledge and experience with venomous snakes.

Grant Webster

Another excellent course! Thanks John & Tina.

Wesley Debbage

Awesome course! Very informative with a great instructor!

Aydan Walker

Great course! John makes you feel very comfortable and gives easy to understand instructions. Would recommend!

Elley-Eve Loo

The course was very informative and John is a great teacher, with clear instructions and good advice.

Morgan Carolan

Brilliant course! Was alot of fun!

Zac Bower

Dear John & Tina, It was the best time I had in my stay so far. Thank you for your professional and safe attitude. It was my first time with a snake and I will keep it in my mind forever! Thanks a lot! Best wishes.

Candice - France

Best thing I've done in a long time! Awesome experience!!! Thanks John & Tina.

Wes Debbage

Dear Johnny & Tina, Thank you so much for your knowledge, expertise and hospitality over the course of training. I have had a fantastic time.

Dean Tsavaris - Wild Life Sydney Zoo

Johnny & Tina, Thank you so much for everything that you have done. I have had the best time with a group of great mates.

Matt Mooney - Wild Life Sydney Zoo

Awesome, amazing, and fun! Best course ever! Time well spent!!!

Leanne Cook - Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park

Thanks John & Tina, I loved the course. Great content, lots of hands on and a brilliant learning environment!

Jo Matthews - Owner, Sydney Snake Catcher's

Great course John - learnt heaps, lots of hands on training, clear explanations on everything. Am feeling much more confident with dealing with snakes after this. Thanks!

Ben Campbell, Armidale, NSW

Really good course. Learnt heaps, good food, all hands on. Feel alot better getting onto the brown. Thanks John & Tina.

Tristan Aylen, Gooloogong, NSW

John & Tina. Thanks very informative. Feel confident in dealing with snakes. Very enjoyable.

Michael Schembri - Scientific Pest Management

Just wanna say THANK YOU to John & Tina for helping get over a 27 year fear. Being taught and shown how to handle, remove and release venomous snakes without harm to myself or the snakes. Very much appreciated and thankful for a wonderful and insightful 2 days.

Nathan & Glen Shorter - Scientific Pest Management

Outstanding, feel much better and comfortable dealing with snakes. Thanks John & Tina.

Kenny - Scientific Pest Management

Thanks John & Tina. Course was great. Learnt alot about catch and release. Will be back to do the advanced course.


Thank you John and Tina for the experience handling snakes. Information which was passed to us by you guys will help us through. Thank you very much.


Thanks John and Tina. Awesome experience and information over both days of the course. Great teaching and an incredible weekend.

Nick W

Thank you John & Tina. I loved the opportunity to handle venomous snakes. Your knowledge and expertise made it a great course.


Thanks John & Tina, The course was awesome! Very enjoyable. Learnt so much about the handling and care of venomous snakes and gained such valuable skills and knowledge. Highly recommend it.


Thanks John & Tina, The course was amazing, it further advanced my knowledge of venomous species, handling and care for them in the captive industry. Rate it 10/10.


Thanks John & Tina. The course was awesome. Instructiom were very clear and easy to follow, in a friendly easy-going environment.

Jon Dougherty

The course was very informative and was a safe 2 days. Thank you for a great experience.

Kane Durrant - WILD Aquarium & Reptile Specialists

Outstanding course!! Very professional and educational. Would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn all about elapids .... 10/10!

Peter Newans - Snake Catcher

John and Tina's professionalism and diversity of this course and the safety in which it was conducted, in such a friendly atmosphere. I walked in with no knowledge of the process of snake handling or their behaviour and left confident and made new friends. Awesome!

Ian Mitchell - John Morony Wildlife Care Centre

Fantastic course, gaining great skills and confidence. John is a great teacher and has lots of patience. Willing to answer any questions.

Hope Genge - NATF Wildlife Rescuer

Great experience, learning heaps, chilled out environment, recommemd it to any budding herpers.

Matt Weigner

Great course. Excellent for just starting out. Excellent structure.

Dylan Z

It was a very good course. Great learning space/teacher and very safe methods. Very enjoyable. Will come back for the advanced.

Luke Dunn - Canberra Reptile Zoo, ACT

Great course, I had a great time and learnt heaps. It really helped me fix my bad habits. I now feel I have the skills for safe confident handling. Thanks for being an important part of my career change.

Jon Dougherty

Amazing course, lots of fun, very exciting and very educational. I recommend it to anyone interested in reptiles and particularly snakes. Awesome!

Jon Roast

Great 2 days learning about elapids, great course highly recommend it.

Dylan Zdravkovic

Thank you John & Tina, the last few days participating in your course, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and am taking away with me the valuable skills you have taught me. Sincere regards

Dean Clarke, Adelaide

Awesome 2 days learning all aspects of keeping and learning elapids! Best weekend!

Tim Park

Huge thank you to John & Tina for such an incredible experience. John made me feel so comfortable the whole way through. Such an amazing experience, important skills to learn for anyone who likes to explore Australia or who is looking at keeping vens. I learned so much. Thank you, thank you.

Nadia Couzner - Radicool Reptiles, Adelaide

Good course, highly recommend. Learnt alot more to better my skills. Thanks heaps John & Tina

Shaye Byles

Great way to spend the weekend, thanks John & Tina! Learned some fantastic techniques and we really improved our skills with vens. Can't wait to come back and do the Catch & Release Course.

Luke Dunn & Emma Carlson - Canberra Reptile Zoo, ACT

Thanks for the two fantastic days. learned many new skills and techniques which I can now practise and build on.

Jake Meney

Great course, learned heaps, will definately be back for more!!

Darrin Gale - Top End Pythons

Thanks for another great course! slowly getting more confident around vens. Great instructor and course content, will be back yet again

Lisa Gale - Top End Pythons

I loved the course. Learned heaps!! Thanks.

Troy Hovenden - Snake Catcher

Thanks John and Tina.

Cassandra Giudice - Lawyer

Brilliant course, great animals, and great hospitality - yum sandwiches!

Wayno Kelly

Brilliant animals and very educational course. Excellent instructor

Ayden Walker

Sensational animals. Awesome course. Would do it again in a heart beat!

Gregory Potts - President, Central Coast Herpetological Society

What a great experience, I really enjoyed the time. I highly recommend it highly


An amazing experience that I would never have dreamt I would do. As an Englishman handling some of the world's most deadly snakes, I can honestly say it's unique! John's tuition is second to none!

Charlie Carter

Fantastic, Informative and heaps of fun playing with Australia's most deadliest snakes. John has a way of making all us students feel safe.

Kai Tan - Film Producer/Director

Highly informative; a great base for venomous snake handling. Essential for anyone wanting to work in the wildlife industry!


What a top weekend - was awesome getting to handle the vens and see how they reacted when being handled. John was an excellent teacher explaining everything and putting everyone at ease.


I've had some rescue experience but it was great to get close handling skills and handle some ultimate species like mulga's and taipans.

David Mills - Snake Catcher

Best time for last 10 years. better than sex! Full on. I will be back