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All of our training courses are held at our training facility, located on the NSW Central Coast.

We can also travel to your site, if you have a group of 5 or more. Please contact us for further details.

Individuals - Personal Intensive Courses

Industry - Personal Intensive & Group Courses (Maximum of 6 participants per session)

We pride ourselves on our personal intensive courses, instead of large group courses, to ensure each participant receives the maximum benefit from our training courses. Individual's receive personal intensive training, where you are the only person undergoing the training. Industry group Training Courses are offered with a maximum of 6 participants per session. This ensures each participant receives quality, professional training and sufficient hands on experience.

Other training facilities offer one day training courses with large group numbers of 10-20 participants. Unforutnately, this benefits the trainer/s rather than the participants. In large group training settings, you may be waiting for 19 others to undertake training until it is your turn. This results in very limited and basic training and leaves the student feeling very frustrated, as they have received insufficient hands on training. With very limited and basic training, usually the student is only taught one method of practical handling.

Our practical handling includes several, safe handling tecniques, as we know each situation will be completely different and have a separate scenario each time. Throughout practical handling, we also conduct "First Aid scenarios" to ensure you can conduct first aid for snake bite in a calm and controlled manner.

We want to ensure that after completing our training, that as an individual or a participant in a group Industry training course, that you;

are offered quality intensive, professional training;

are competent and confident in handling;

receive maximum hands on experience and

are provided with the necessary practical handling skills and knowledge.

We offer the following Training Courses:

Venomous Snake Husbandary and Handling (Beginner) - 2 Day Course

Venomous Snake Husbandary and Handling (Advanced) - 2 Day Course

Venomous Snake Catch and Release - 2 Day Course

Venomous Snake Catch and Release - 2 Day Course (Group Courses - Industry)

Venomous Zookeeper's Skills Training Course - 2 Day Course

Venomous Snake and Spider Safety Awareness Seminars (Business) - 2-3 hour Seminar

Tool Box Talks (Business) - 1 1/2 hour Talk

The Basic Venomous Husbandry & Handling Course is a prerequisite for the Advanced Husbandry & Handling Training Course.

We provide a Certificate of Competency, on completion of our training courses. This certificate is recognised by NSW NPWS, (or equivalent in other states), for a Catch & Release Licence or Reptile Keeper's Licence upgrade, dependent on which of our training courses you have undertaken. We are also a certified Training Provider for Environment & Heritage Protection QLD.

All participants must be 18 years or older.

All participants must wear a thick loose fitting long sleeve shirt, thick loose fitting long pants and work boots, during all practical handling.

Also avalable are:

Educational Venomous Snake Displays

Site Risk Assessments

Reptile Removals and Rescues

General Venomous Snake Enquiries

For Bookings, please call John & Tina on mobile 0416 922 282 or 0425 237 682 or complete the contact form for further details..

Please contact us and let us know what you are ineterested in and we can provide you with further information and prices. (CLICK HERE)