Snake Safety Awareness

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Snake Safety Awareness Seminars & Toolbox Talks

We are able to attend your site to conduct Snake Safety Awareness Seminars and/or Tool Box Talks for both your staff and visitors.

Snakes have become a WHS risk and problem reptiles can cause major delays on sites, until they have been relocated. Due to our professional backgrounds and working with venomous snakes in the zoological industry and privately for over 20 years we have designed our Snake Safety Awareness Seminars and Toolbox Talks for Industry and outdoor workers as well as for any staff member or visitor who may come into contact with a problem reptile. Our Seminars and Toolbox Talks not only bring snake awareness to the workers and visitors but also teach those how to behave around a snake when confronted by one, as well as emphasise the importance of first aid.

Our Snake Safety Awareness Seminar includes:

A 2 hour presentation, both a PowerPoint presentation and an Educational Live Display, featuring medically significant snakes endemic to the area.

Topics covered include:

  • Snake Activity
  • Snake Behaviour
  • Snake Bite
  • Snake Venom
  • Effects of venom on the human body
  • First Aid for Snake Bite & Antivenom
  • PPE for the Worker
  • Site Awareness
  • Snake Identification
  • Spiders

We have presented these seminars and toolbox talks to a range of Industry personnel including Council, Energy, Water, Mining, Power Stations, Ecology, Railway and Sewer; University, school and college staff, as well as the general public.

At the end of the presentation, we will provide each attendee with a Certificate stating they have completed a Snake Safety Awareness in the Workplace seminar.

Alternatively we are also able to provide a Toolbox Talk for your staff and/or visitors.

Our Toolbox Talks include:

A 45 minute - 1 hour Educational Live Display, featuring medically significant snakes endemic to the area, with a brief overview of the above topics and an emphasis on First Aid for snake bite.

For Bookings, please call John & Tina on mobile 0416 922 282 or 0425 237 682 or complete the contact form for further details. (CLICK HERE)